If you are looking to get free Robux, then you have reached the right place. Most people spend tonnes of hours on fake generators and useless videos to get free Robux. With this post, you can save your time and get to know the best methods to earn free Robux in Roblox.

About Roblox:

Roblox consists of an in-game currency Robux. This currency is very important as it allows you to purchase some special features, do in-game customizations, and upgrade the items which you will be able to get in Roblox.

How to get Robux?

Generally, players get Robux by performing specific tasks and also by achieving in the game. However, the need for getting Robux became very essential for many players as the game offers unlimited features in Roblox. Players who have tried multiple methods and looked for every possible solution in the game will eventually search for free Robux generator or Roblox Hack as they want to rule in the game. However, it is not easy to get Robux in the game as you already know and if you are in short of Robux, then it is hard to survive in the game itself.

So, to avoid these situations, people desperately try to search any method they can find to get free Robux.

As Roblox is the most popular, most websites claim to provide free Robux using the Roblox Hack or Free Robux Generator. But you need to be aware of these websites as most of them are fake. You will not only get Free Robux, but also they will collect sensitive information from you by hacking your system.

If you are a beginner and don't know much about Roblox game and how Robux works, you can check out the next section for more details. However, if you are a desperate player who has tried all the tricks but still cannot get Robux and looking for some real methods, then you need to read the below post.

Working real methods to get Free Robux:

The below-mentioned methods are legit and will allow you to earn free Robux without spending a dime. Before posting, we also made sure that all these methods are working and are ready to use.

Use Roblox Promo Codes:

Usually, Roblox promo codes are issued by the official Roblox staff members. In some cases, the promo codes are also generated by Roblox admins, which can be used on Roblox to get a free item. You can also find some list of promo codes to purchase a free item on Roblox.


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Join Builders Club Membership:

This is the most popular and simple way to get free Robux on Roblox website. Some players might not consider this option as free as you need to purchase it using real money. However, there are a lot more benefits for premium Builders Club Membership which you cannot even imagine.

  • The Roblox store allows builders club members to redeem different rewards and offers as frequent as daily rewards.
  • You can also get a specific amount of free Robux and also the amount will get increased automatically according to your membership level. There are three different premium membership tiers available on the Roblox platform, and the usual Robux awards will be according to the tier you are in.
  • Moreover, you can also get benefited as a premium member by getting to know about other promotions and official development updates as well. This method will help you the most in the long run.

Trading items in the Builders Club:

With Builders Club, you can not only get free Robux daily but also you can certainly use it for many other purposes as well. You can use this method to trade your items or collectibles in exchange for free Robux as Builders Club is most popular for its trades.

Players can sell or purchase items in the Builders Club Marketplace who are qualified as the builders club members. You can earn some extra free Robux on this great place if you are high on creativity and can create collectibles on your own.

You can set the price of your collectibles on your own. For some high-value collectibles which are on demand in the market place, you can set a high price to get extra free Robux. To get more Robux, you need to start finding and collecting unique objects in the game and then sell them in the builders club marketplace.

Sell your creations and crafts:

As mentioned earlier, creativity is a great asset in Roblox. You can sell collectibles like shirts, pants, hats, and much more. If you have amazing design skills in the Roblox Studio, you can then choose the option to sell buildings to get a large number of Robux.

You can sell your creative items and also there might be chances where you can also get hired by some players to create something unique in exchange for free Robux. If you want to start your trading and retailing business, then Group Recruiting Plaza is an ideal marketplace for you. Though this place is known for group recruitment, players can still sell their creations on this platform.

Earn Free Robux through Robux Mania:

RobuxMania is a legitimate website which we, our testing team has made sure that it is the most secured method. Likewise, Get Paid To sites, RobuxMania also gives you points by doing some simple tasks. On this website, you need to get at least 1000 points to exchange them for getting 1000 Robux. The most interesting part that we loved using this website it will never ask you to enter your Roblox login details like a password. You need to enter your password that is to credit the Robux into your account.

You will get 5 Robux after visiting the site as a login bonus. We will also provide you with some simple steps to earn Robux fast on RobuxMania website.

  • You need to enter your Roblox username where you will get 5 Robux instantly by doing this.
  • Select the Offer Wall option. There you will find three options.
  • We recommend you to choose Offer Wall 1 as we have experienced a better response.
  • Choose the option that offers higher points, complete the task or survey to get the points.
  • Once you have accumulated 1000 points, you can then go to the Claim section and click on the option Redeem Now.

You can check your points on the website from the top navigation panel.

Get Robux Using Google Play Codes:

Google Play Store is an official store for Android users which offers millions of games, apps, movies, books and many more. You can get thousands of free apps, games and also premium versions that you can purchase from real money. As you can find hundreds of legit websites that offer you the chance to get free Google Play Code and Cards, you can use these codes to get free Robux as well.

Yes, it is true. For this, all you have to do is to complete the surveys, invite friends, subscribe, or complete the task given on the website. After earning the points, you can utilize them to purchase games, apps, videos, and more on play store. You can also purchase free Robux, with the points you earned and you need to try this trick before any other one.

Tip: Roblox Asset Downloader is also considered as one of the best tools to save your Robux. You can get free assets without spending the Robux.

Wrapping Up:

We conclude that these are all legit methods to get free Robux in Roblox. You can find a number of websites who offer similar kind of methods. But some tricks will only work for a short period and most likely they can be fake too. So we would suggest you, look for the safe and legit methods like in this article.

We always keep updating to make sure that our users will never face any issues while using any of the methods mentioned above. To make it much easier for you, we have tried our best to make it as much comprehensive as possible.